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Under the Venture Capital Division of MikeDP Ventures, we have partnered with Liqwid Concepts, a company that has just released an extremely successful new household product called "The Paint Brush Cover." MikeDP Ventures is in an ongoing consulting relationship with Liqwid Concepts as we continue to develop new products.


After being featured on the ABC Primetime Series "Shark Tank," Lori Greiner also invested with Liqwid Concepts, and now the Paint Brush Cover is sold in over 14,000 stores nationwide.


The Paint Brush Cover is a simple, airtight plastic device used to keep paint brushes of almost any size from drying out after use. A wet brush is placed into the container, and is ready to use again at a later time -- saving on clean up, and preserving the brush itself.


For more information, or to purchase The Paint Brush Cover online, please visit:

The Paint Brush Cover Online

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